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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Four friends and a hunter

Long, long ago, there lived four friends in a jungle. They were-a deer, a crow, a mouse and a turtle. One day a hunter came to the jungle. Seeing the hunter, the deer ran away, the crow flew away and the mouse ran into a hole. The turtle tried to crawl away fast, but he was caught by the hunter. The hunter tied him up in the net. The turtle's three friends became much worried about their friend and thought up a plan to free their friend from the hunter.

The crow flew high up in the sky and spotted the hunter walking along the river bank. As per the plan the deer ran ahead of the hunter unnoticed and lay on the hunter's path as if dead. The hunter saw the deer from a distance, lying on the ground and wanted to catch the deer. He put down the turtle on to the ground and ran to pick up the deer.

In the meantime, as planned, the rat gnawed through the net and freed the turtle. The turtle hurriedly crawled away into the river water.

When the hunter reached near the deer, the deer stood up and ran away in the jungle, leaving the hunter empty handed.

Thus the friends of the turtle rescued the turtle from the hunter.

Moral : It is important to have friends who can bail you out in case you are stuck in danger

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