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Monday, October 1, 2007

Big lion and a clever rabbit

Once upon a time, there lived a big lion in a jungle. Every day he hunted and killed many animals. The animals wanted this killing spree to end and they all go to the lion with a proposal. They told the lion that he could stay home, and every day one animal would come to him as food and he does not have to hunt. The lion agreed to this offer on the condition that if they ever failed to send him an animal, he would go on a killing spree and finish all of them off.
From then on, each day an animal was sent to the lion and the lion was happy. One day it was the turn of a little rabbit to become the food for the lion and he did not want to be the lion's next meal. So he thought up a plan that would save his life as well as the lives of all the other animals in the jungle.

The rabbit slowly made his way to the lion's den. The lion was pacing up and down, extremely hungry. He was furious when all he saw was a little rabbit. He wanted to kill all the animals in a rage. The rabbit timidly explained that the animals had actually sent him six rabbits, but five of them were killed and devoured by another lion. The lion roared in anger. He wanted to know who this other lion was who dared to steal his food. The rabbit stuttered that it was a very big lion. The lion was furious. He asked the rabbit to take him to the other lion as he wanted to kill him.

The little rabbit led the lion to a well and told him that the other lion was in there. The lion peered into the well and saw his own reflection. He thought it was the other lion. He let out a huge roar which echoed back at him. He immediately jumped into the well to attack what he thought was the other lion. The lion drowned in the water and died. Thus the clever little rabbit not only saved his own life but the lives of the rest of the animals in the jungle.

Moral : Mind power is more valuable than muscle power

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