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Monday, April 14, 2008

The cunning Jackal and a foolish Donkey

Once there lived a foolish donkey in a town near a forest. There, in the forest lived king lion and his friend, a cunning Jackal. The Jackal used to feast on the leftovers after the lion ate. Once, lion was badly wounded in a fierce fighting with an elephant.

He was unable to hunt and was starving. So he asked his friend, the Jackal to bring some meal for him. The jackal set out to search for food. While wandering here and there, the jackal met a donkey. The donkey looked foolish and nervous. The jackal asked him, "Hello! There... You seem to be new around here. Where do you come from?" "I come from the nearby town", said the donkey. "My master, the Washerman makes me work all day, but doesn't feed me properly. So I ran away from him." "Alright", said the jackal. "I'm the chief minister to the ruler of this forest kingdom and our king needs a bodyguard, who has the experience of working with a washerman. You can live in the palace and eat as much as you want " The donkey believed every word the jackal said and went with him to the royal palace. The king lion pounced on the donkey as soon as he saw him . But on account of starving several days, the king lion became weak. He couldn't kill the donkey. The donkey freed himself and ran for his life.

The Jackal said to the lion “ You should have been more patient – you scared away the donkey, what will you eat now ?”"I'm sorry," said lion. "Can you bring him here to me again."
The jackal went again to the donkey and said to him, "What a funny fellow you are. Why did you run away like that?" "Why shouldn't I' asked the donkey. "My dear," said the jackal, "you were being tested for your alertness as a royal bodyguard of the king. Thank god, you showed a quick reflex, otherwise, you would have been rejected for the job." The donkey believed what the jackal said and accompanied him once again to the lion’s den. There the lion was hiding behind the bushes. As soon as the donkey passed by the bushes, the lion pounced upon him and killed him instantly. Just when the lion was about to begin eating the donkey, the jacakal said, "Your Majesty, you're going to have your meals after quite a few days. It's better you first take a bath and offer prayers."

The lion went to take bath and offer his prayers. In the mean time, the jacakl ate the donkey's brain. When the lion came back to eat his prey, he was surprised to see that the donkey's brain was missing. "Where is this donkey's brain?" The lion roared in great anger. "The donkey's brain!" the jackal expressed his surprise. "Your Majesty, you're fully aware that donkeys don't have a brain. Had that donkey ever had a brain, he would never have come with me to your den for the second time." "Yes," agreed lion, "that's a good point." And he started eating happily the rest of the flesh of the dead donkey.

Moral : Never trust strangers that make sweet offers

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